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What are branes?

Although we do offer a lot of brain-power to our clients, our name "branes" actually comes from a concept under quantum physics called M-theory (as in the "Mother" of all theories).

In physics, the rules about how our world behaves in its 4 space-time dimensions stop working when you get down to really small levels. They no longer create accurate predictions. But when you add in 7 hidden dimensions, everything works again.

In a leading theory, many envision these 7 dimensions as giant parallel sheets or membranes, called branes. Our own space-time dimensions are embedded, like grains of sand, on one of these branes, with gravity cutting a perpendicular connection through all of the branes. You can visualize this as something similar to a cardboard separator preventing glass bottles from jostling together in a case.

What does this have to do with us? We named our company branes because we work with you to manage not only the dimensions of your business that you see and touch every day, but also the hidden ones that still have a fundamental impact on your ability to perform and drive profits. We bring the tools and capabilities to help our clients discover the opportunities in these dimensions and leverage them to beat the competition.