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Succeeding in New Lines of Business

This business-to-business manufacturer was breaking into the luxury consumer goods market with a unique, new product line.  They needed a solid milestone-based plan and quick wins to build shareholder confidence for additional funding. Their bench of internal talent was stretched to accomodate the new product line. branes worked with the internal team to flesh out the existing plan, identify key drivers and critical gaps, and create a consolidated financial picture. Milestones created a common language highlighting key successes, demonstrating important accomplishements already achieved and those leading to additional funding. Then branes created an executive summary presentation and identified critical next steps for the internal team. Using these tools, our client was able to achieve buy-in for the new line, which is now under expansion.

Effective Strategies for Organic Growth

Many of our clients seek to accelerate growth. One executive, facing declining to stagnating sales in all product lines, found his enthusiasm drained by the successive obstacles his company encountered in the slumped Bay Area economy.  branes worked with the executive to identify the strengths and opportunities of the business, matching them to his own needs, to rekindle his passion for his work. We developed a strategic plan for growth, and selected three key initiatives starting the process and generating funding and enthusiasm for the next phases. By creating small steps with measurable successes and organic growth, the executive's enthusiasm returned, enabling him to tackle the underlying issues for the run-off in sales.

Growing Profits and Clarifying Decisions

This high-end manufacturer wanted to hire a new manager, but needed help developing a compensation package they could afford and the candidate would accept. branes developed a one-page financial tool evaluating compensation and profitability for various scenarios representing the new manager’s expected performance range. This provided our client with the information and confidence to negotiate a win-win offer where everyone understood what was important to the new hire's and business's success.

As an added bonus, branes identified a new management performance standard bringing far greater profits to our client than previous priorities, leading to even greater opportunities for improved ROI and productivity.

Developing Marketing Messages to Build Market Share

Our client had developed a series of seminars that, despite receiving rave reviews, suffered from low enrollment. Even after hiring marketing consultants, telemarketers, and graphic artists, awareness and enrollments were not improving. For a variety of strategic reasons, the company was committed to the seminars, so they hired branes for new insight.

branes started by helping to identify the courses and students important to the original vision. Then we developed primary research to begin defining  what the desired audience wanted most from the seminars, using the results to develop a customer-focused message. Simply by changing the focus of how the client talked about the benefits of the seminars, enrollment doubled from previous efforts on first use.

From this process our client also was able to incorporate new methods of talking about other services that created greater response from potential customers.

Greater Efficiency, Clarity, and Profits

This client was having difficulty reaching positive agreements quickly in the negotiation process. branes analyzed the negotiation process components and developed a simple tool graphically demonstrating the impact of various agreement options on profitability for all parties. Expectations and analysis were standardized, freeing the negotiating team to apply its creativity and expertise to the most critical components of strategy.

Our client used the tool we developed to prepare for negotiations and help all parties have realistic expectations for negotiation outcomes. The tool also helps our client, the clients they negotiate for, and the firms they negotiate with, to understand what it costs them to not come to agreement. For example, it visually depicts the financial impact of failure to agree within specified time periods, showing in some cases that a greater sum than the one being debated is being lost through delay.

Thanks to the branes-created tool, our client has been able to significantly reduce the time it takes to complete the negotiations, make more appropriate offers, and justify their offers in terms of the current business environment. And their clients are more satisfied with results because they can see how they fit into the larger picture.

With hundreds of negotiations done annually, our client is able to complete negotiations far more quickly and with better results for their clients — with less stress and acrimony. Everyone comes out a winner.