About Lorre Zuppan

Lorre Zuppan was inspired to found branes after seeing brilliant executives and managers stymied by lack of time to track down, understand, and implement the skills and tools necessary to simplify and successfully manage complex challenges. Having both hired management consultants and worked as one, Lorre understood the challenges of each. She uses that insight to bring unique capabilities to the development and execution of business strategy, specializing in helping businesses implement critical and often difficult changes to drive their success. With executive leadership helping teams understand the “why” of the change, Lorre leads teams in the “how”, partnering to create the momentum, measurements and stories to drive and maintain the critical changes. She acts as both a coach and change leader, bringing best practices from a wide variety of environments and engagements to help teams implement needed changes and strategically build the capabilities to sustain, grow and refine their initiatives for even greater long-term success.

As a seasoned executive with “inside” management experience in Fortune 100 companies, Lorre has the proven capability to help executives quickly understand what’s needed strategically and operationally. She also understands the special challenges of smaller businesses, with experience as a management consultant for venture capital funded startups and a wide range of rapidly growing and mature mid- to large-sized businesses. Lorre provides a unique blend of financial, marketing and operational expertise, operating effectively from both sides of the brain. With a late-found fascination in science, however, what really makes her unique is her deep interest in the people side of the equation that brings together neuroscience, sociology and approaches that combine these elements, such as behavioral economics. She thrives on bringing groups to their next level of performance, and has a track record of unlocking innovation and success in organizations stymied in their previous attempts.

Lorre was awarded her CPA in 1987 after graduating magna cum laude from California State University at Hayward. Working with and leading highly successful teams of all types in technology, banking and financial services, real estate, transportation, design, and a variety of other industries in the public and private sectors, she honed the ability to simplify complex and intimidating subjects. Her articles, seminars and speaking engagements have earned rave reviews for engaging participants in the stories and experiences of successful business strategy, management, and effective use of tools. Lorre appreciates the opportunity to nurture her own growth through giving back to her profession and community. She has served in officer positions for the NorCal Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants, Alameda Chamber of Commerce, and Greater Alameda Business Association, as Past President of Alameda Rotary, for nearly a decade as President and member of the Alameda Planning Board, President and member of the Alameda Economic Development Commission, member of its Blue Ribbon Committee on Fiscal Sustainability and co-chair of the Alameda Economic Development Commission Task Force developing the latest plan. She also has been an active member in the Association for Corporate Growth, Financial Women’s Association, Council of Business Advisors, Strategic Management Society and American Marketing Association, as well as other community boards and committees. When she’s not working and learning with clients and her greater community, she enjoys writing and playing music with her husband, taking long shoreline walks with the dog, talking food, flowers and politics with her amazing daughter, and refining and sharing the joy of barrel-aging cocktails with friends.