• Performance Measurement: From Eye Candy to Brain Candy

    Our previous issue demonstrated two tips you can use to improve your performance measurement presentations. This issue continues with two final tips (3 and 4) that you can use to make sure the visuals supporting your reporting help your performance measurement system live up to its potential for your organization. Missing Perspective. When developing your… Continue reading →

  • Performance Measurement: Much More Than Meets The Eye

    On Monday, July 14, eBay’s stock began the week at $27.49. On July 15, the front pages of newspapers announced eBay’s crucial legal win over Tiffany’s assertions of trademark infringement. And on July 16, the Wall Street Journal sent a subscriber alert: eBay had posted a 22% gain in second quarter earnings, and 13% growth… Continue reading →

  • Performance Measurement: When Good Data Goes Bad

    Were you thrilled with the new lower price you got by waiting for your iPhone… until you found out the hot new G3 will be coming out for the lowest price yet of only $199? Have you ever rushed to finish your dinner and join a snaking line in front of the movie theater, only… Continue reading →

  • Performance Measurement: Selecting Measures That Matter

    You’ve decided you’re finally ready to really transform your organization using performance measurement. You’ve thought about your business, and what you’re really trying to achieve. Now you’re prepared to select some performance measurements. You consult a few resources. Transforming Performance Measurement, an excellent book by Dean Spitzer on creating an effective measurement environment, lists 34… Continue reading →

  • Graduating to Improved Performance

    Is your performance measurement system delivering what you want? What you expect? Do you have such a system? Developing an effective performance measurement system can be tricky. To paraphrase management guru Peter Drucker, some implementation efforts result in people doing with great efficiency that which should not be done at all. Consider the following examples:… Continue reading →

  • Misleading by the Numbers: 5 Traps to Avoid

    How do I mislead thee? Let me count the ways. If sales grew by 40% last year, but fell by 30% this year, how would you feel about the trend? This comparison is typical of many dashboards and metrics reports and year-over-year financial comparisons. It would leave most of us feeling that sales were still… Continue reading →

  • Five Tips for Making Good Choices

    Choices. As the economy steps into recession, we all begin to adjust to the choices we need to make. Some have already acted, but many of us are still trying to define the wisest course. Whether you’re a global powerhouse or a main street retail shop, the shifting landscape offers both opportunity and risk. The… Continue reading →

  • The High-Value Customer of Tomorrow

    John has been in sales for years. Until a few years ago, he spent about two-thirds of his time on the road wooing clients. John’s travel partners — hotel chains, airlines and his credit card company — all showered him with special treatment to earn his loyalty. Then John was promoted. Although he still travels… Continue reading →

  • Redefining Your High-Value Customers

    During challenging economic times, it’s more important than ever to focus on the profitability of your business. What are the keys to sustaining profitable sales? What vulnerabilities might your competitors discover and exploit? And how does the changing environment create customers, cost reductions or other advantages you can snare? Certainly its important to consider these… Continue reading →

  • Who Do You Love?: Customer Personas

    In 2002, when Brad Anderson succeeded founder Richard Schulze as the CEO of Best Buy, he faced a huge challenge. Investors continued to expect growth of 20% per year, but Best Buy had completely saturated the North American market. The next wave of growth would require significant changes and a singular focus. After an exhaustive… Continue reading →

  • Feel The Love

    How do your customers love you? Let us count the ways. Actually, if you are counting, and working on improving the reasons your customers love you, you’re nurturing one of the strongest engines available to power your way to growth. But first, let’s start with a little background. In December 2003 Harvard Business Review published… Continue reading →

  • Seven Ways To Be More Effective Using Metrics

    Many organizations use performance metrics as a method for staying on strategy and measuring their progress. For many, however, it’s difficult to tell whether the effort put into gathering and reporting the measurements is worth the results. For those defining their measures through review of a standardized laundry list, any performance lift is mediocre at… Continue reading →