• Men often falling stars…

    Men Often Falling Stars, Women Continue Shining Brightly. Why?  In February’s Harvard Business Review is a follow-up article stirring a bit of a backlash among men not taking the time to read. The controversy? About four years ago Boris Groysberg published an article (The Risky Business of Hiring Stars) noting that for most companies hiring away a… Continue reading →

  • Pain Gets Largest Share of Attention

    Pain Gets Largest Share of Attention Do you know why it’s impossible to concentrate with a splitting headache, an aching back or the throb of carpal tunnel? There is a region of the brain responsible for processing both working memory and pain, and when you’re in pain, guess what gets priority. According to functional magnetic… Continue reading →

  • Now Let’s Talk About Me…

    Imagine this newsletter I received today. Nine bullet-pointed links Five points start with the company name Three more continue the hard sell, but manage to refrain from mentioning the name A final point mentioning a recently-released study may be of interest to their target audience, but by this point it’s obvious where this item will be headed as well If… Continue reading →

  • Setting Expectations for Keeping Up With the Joneses

    Setting Expectations for Keeping Up With the Joneses You know the old saying about lying with statistics? Well supress your amazement when reading here about organizations sometimes issuing press releases using genuine statistics to mislead and drive the profits of an industry segment, in this case those making money off of weddings. Mean, median, mode…who cares?