• Men often falling stars…

    Men Often Falling Stars, Women Continue Shining Brightly. Why?  In February’s Harvard Business Review is a follow-up article stirring a bit of a backlash among men not taking the time to read. The controversy? About four years ago Boris Groysberg published an article (The Risky Business of Hiring Stars) noting that for most companies hiring away a… Continue reading →

  • The Existential Necessity of Midlife Change

    The Existential Necessity of Midlife Change So you think 50 is getting up there? Ready for the decline? Not any more. Average life expectancy in the US now hovers near 80, and for many of us, these become their most productive years. At 50 you’ve discovered your strengths, are comfortable in your skin, have learned… Continue reading →

  • Life Affects Performance, Even for CEOs

    My father would say, “I didn’t need a study to tell me that.” CEOs are human like the rest of us. Their performance suffers about 21% for the two years following the death of a child about 25% for the three years following the purchase of a mansion or an estate a less predictable but… Continue reading →