• Easily bored?

    Easily bored? If you’re easily bored, it’s also likely that you’re more prone to depression. According to those who study boredom, its sources, types and treatments, boredom appears to be determined somewhat by personality but also by choices we make. In short, boredom researcher John Eastwood of York University in Toronto says, “To be bored… Continue reading →

  • Pain Gets Largest Share of Attention

    Pain Gets Largest Share of Attention Do you know why it’s impossible to concentrate with a splitting headache, an aching back or the throb of carpal tunnel? There is a region of the brain responsible for processing both working memory and pain, and when you’re in pain, guess what gets priority. According to functional magnetic… Continue reading →

  • Amazing Ayumu

    Amazing Ayumu Ayumu is amazing. Numbers 1-9 flash across a screen for 210 milliseconds, less time than it takes the human eye to scan across the screen, before turning into white squares. Ayumu reaches out and touches each white box in the correct numerical order. The rest of Koyoto University’s subjects get the order right… Continue reading →