Action and prioritizing rather than SWOT and strategy analyses


We’ve noticed that many of our clients are continuing to adjust and optimize their plans and budgets this year to reflect concern about changes in the economy. Some are scaling back or postponing growth initiatives in favor of projects focused on improving their processes and retaining their best customers.

In January Grey Matter published a great article on planning, with a complimentary tool kit that’s great for those who need to create or update their plans in a way that’s focused on action and prioritizing rather than SWOT and strategy analyses. It’s been getting fantastic reviews from users who describe it as a succinct, profit-focused  tool that helps them get through the planning process in less time. Others love the planning wheel which shows the balance between your projects, letting you easily see when you’ve overloading your team. One user commented that the return ratio was her favorite feature because it let her consider competing projects with relative returns before choosing which ones were worth planning out in more detail.

If any of this describes you, we recommend you check it out.